Sunday, 1 December 2013

Quilt Bee and back with Dear Jane again..

It has been a while since my last post, but I simply haven't had much to post about.
Last wednesday we had our bi-weekly quilt Bee evening.
I should really post about the Bee evenings more often too I know..

I never take pictures and everytime I say to myself 
I should have taken my camera..but this time I did.

Riet made a lovely scrappy quilt..


On the left is Alie showing the Christmas stocking  she made and on the right is Joke, she was proudly showing her finished BOM Happy Hearts..

..and while we had some tea there was crocheting going on as well as patchwork..

I have enjoyed taken up my Dear Jane project again, I finished some blocks during the last week or so, here they are  
(sorry about the poor quality in some, background is actually the same fabric in all of the blocks)
C-7  "Megan's Mountain Laurel" 
D-2  "Mouse in a Mirror"
D-3  "Jason's Jacks"
D-4  "Crystal Star"
D-5  "Cathedral Window"
D-8  "Dee Dee's Delight"
D-12  "Crossed Swords"

I also done block D-9 but somehow forgot to take a picture of it?
Any way this brings my total number of blocks now to 49..
Just 3 blocks to go (that is block D-10 and D-11 and still need to finish block C-5) 
and then...
my goal for this year which was 1 block per week will be reached...YEAH!!!

Can't believe it is already the 1st of December today, will have to start thinking about some New Years resolutions for 2014..
See how this week goes..if not too busy I might be able to do those 3 blocks and maybe, just maybe do a few more to have a good start next year!

[Note to myself..make it a goal for next year to blog more often..;-)) ]

Till next time!


  1. Ooh die van Riet is mooi! Dat lijken wel klederdracht stofjes?
    Jij gaat lekker met je DJ, bij mij staat ze even op een laag pitje omdat ik een quiltje aan het doorpitten ben voor een baby die in januari hoopt te komen, maar met baby's weet je het nooit:)


  2. Hi Esther. Zie ik daar ineens mijn eigen quiltje voorbij komen en zie ik ineens hierboven dat iemand hem mooi vind. Dank je wel.
    Je gaat lekker met je dear Jane, ik vind die blokjes allemaal zo leuk. Begin er toch maar niet aan hihi.
    Ik heb op mijn andere blog een heleboel vakantie foto's gezet, al een paar posten achter elkaar. Als je wil kijken , hier is de link
    Liefs van Riet en tot volgende week.