Sunday, 22 December 2013

Not a very good start to the holiday..

Yesterday I was just about to sit down and post an update on my blog when....
the police rang on our doorbell to tell us that the window of our car had been smashed in.  When we went down to the car this is what we found..

The glass was everywhere and ..YES.. that is a brick on the passenger seat!
Luckily nothing was stolen, everything was still there...just pure pointless vandalism...and a lot of work, headache and money for us to get it fixed!

Anyway, what I was intending to blog about was this..

I said I'd try and do some hand quilting....I know ;-)

But I couldn't get it right and finally after several attempts I decided to just machine quilt it.

I think the swirls with the snowflakes capture the flurry of snowfall quite well, don't you think?

Here is a little close up, the blanket stitches around the applique were done by hand, but the swirls around were free motion quilted with the BSR foot on my Bernina (you can just see a glimpse of the foot in the corner of the previous picture.

Well, the next couple of days I'll probably won't have much time to do any quilting with all the shopping, cooking (and eating) for the Christmas days to come.
I might just have some time to finish some knitting that I've started though. And next Friday we are off to the cinema to see the Hobbit part 2, can't wait..really looking forward to seeing that!

So for now I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, wherever you are I hope you will spent it in good health and surrounded by your loved ones.
(Found this picture on the web, think it captures the holiday spirit just perfectly, don't you think?)

Till next time!

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  1. Lieve Esther.
    Wat een ellende toch en wat een zinloos gedoe .Zo je autoruit kapot, voor niks eigenlijk.
    We hebben net weer internet . Sinds vorige week Vrijdag hadden we geen telefoon, internet en wat TV zenders. We kregen geen signaal. Zijn gisteren bij MCDonalds wat gaan eten , konden we tenminste de mail lezen via hun wifi. HaHa.
    Weet je je Merry Christmas foto heb ik al jaren lang met Kerst als header op mijn andere blog, alleen heb ik niet die glinsterende lichtjes erop. Waarschijnlijk de eerste keer wel maar na al die tijd zorgvuldig bewaren is dat er niet meer bij. Op mijn handwerkblog moet ik hem ook nog zetten . moet straks een foto van de kerstster maken die op een haar na af is.
    Wat leuk je poppetje( kan effe niet op de naam komen') en wat goed dat quilten. Daar ga ik nu dus de workshop voor volgen.
    Ik wens je heerlijke Kerstdagen.
    Liefs van Riet