Sunday, 8 December 2013

2 down..2 to go!

This week has flown by again, most literally on thursday when we had a major storm combined with high tide and all the flood barriers went down.
On some parts of the coast line the sand has been swallowed up by the sea, but luckily there was no major flooding. Also down the road from where I live , the "Algerabrug" which is the first of the famous Deltaworks was lit up in red as a warning to the ships to say the barriers are down.

Didn't do as much on my DJ as I had hoped, but I still got 2 more blocks done.
Both are mostly foundation pieced.

Block D-9 "Uncle Richard"

Had done this block already, but had forgotten the strips around the outside, so done those today.

Block D-10 "Battlefield"

Tricky those little triangles in the corners....

Three more weeks to the end of this year and only two more blocks to finish, most of the work is done but need to finish them with some applique...I should be able to manage that shouldn't I ??

Have taken up some knitting this week too, nothing special just a straight forward simple scarf and the newest issue of "Quiltnieuws" was in, so enjoyed reading that too.

Oh!.. and talking of reading, I nearly finished this book, only one chapter left..

This is the second book in the All Souls trilogy, book three will be out sometime in July next year, can't wait to find out what happens next!

Next wednesday is our last normal Bee evening and the wednesday the following week we are going to the local Chinese for a feast!  So lots to look forward to!
In the mean time I'm getting back to my knitting..

See you next time!

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  1. Ha Esther.
    Mooi weer die twee nieuwe blokjes. Je gaat lekker. En nou ook nog breien, ijverig hoor.. Ik heb twee boeken van Jennifer CHiaverini gekregen en een quiltboek vanKIm Diehl. Ik,had een andere Kim in mijn gedachten maar dit is ook wel een aardig boek. Had de naam uit de quiltmania bijlage.
    Heb vandaag een kerstster in elkaar gezet. Morgen moet hij op een achtergrond. En ik heb een quilt bijna af. Alleen de binding nog even afmaken met de hand.
    Heb een paar erg drukke dagen achter de rug met de Sinterklaas. Nou gaan we weer naar de kerst! ook weer druk! maar wel leuk.
    Liefs van Riet