Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Finishing the year with a Jane finale..

Last day of the year, the fire works are going off like crazy here already...and its only 1 o'clock in the afternoon!

Time to look back on this last year, Dear Jane has been with me for a great part of my life this past year.
I have completed all 52 blocks that I intended to do this year (one block per week). YEAH!!!

Here is the last block I made, D-11 "Snow Crystal"

Here they all are..
looks a mess doesn't it?
One day it hopefully will become a complete quilt..

I haven't cut them to size yet, so some blocks are larger and some are smaller.
Here they are all together

I tried to lay them all out to take a picture.
But it was too large to get it all in the frame so instead I took 3 pictures and merged them using Photoshop.
They will be put together using sashings, but it gives you an idea of how they will look.

All in all it has been a great Quilt year, been to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham for the first time, that was a fantastic experience.
Been to the quilt retreat (Midweek) from the Dutch Quiltersguild (Quiltersgilde) which is always a great way to spent some quality time with fellow quilters.

I've made most of my goals that I set for myself for this year.

Finished the BOM quilt "Happy Hearts"

 I finished my quilt for the OEQC which unexpectedly won first prize for the theme "Berlin"

Started on the "Love Entwined" BOM by Esther Aliu, but didn't get too far with it..will try and find some time to continue with this next year.

Who knows what next year will bring?

Hopefully I will find the time to continue my one Dear Jane block per week.
Probably will start a new project (not sure yet what), and also will start on my entry for the OEQC theme for 2014 is "Old Masters".

Next post I will set out my goals for next year

For now I hope 2014 will bring you all good luck, good health and lots of quilt inspiration!
Be safe and have a great new year's eve !!


  1. Geweldig Esther, 52 Dear Jane!s gemaakt. Gefeliciteerd. Je hebt een prachtig quiltjaar gehad met dat ene fantastische hoogtepunt t, de eerste prijs. Wat wil je nog meer!!!
    Ik wens je een fijne jaarwisseling, een hoop geknal is onvermijdelijk, hihi, en een heel gelukkig 2014 met allen die je lief zijn.
    Liefs van Riet

  2. Your work is beautiful! I belong to the Dear Jane group, too. I think it will help me get back to working on those blocks. I'm hand piecing and appliqueing my blocks.

  3. Hello Essie, I also belong to Kathy's Dear Jane group. I love your red, white & blue blocks. I haven't started my DJ yet - hope to join in next week. You have a very nice blog. Ann