Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Finishing the year with a Jane finale..

Last day of the year, the fire works are going off like crazy here already...and its only 1 o'clock in the afternoon!

Time to look back on this last year, Dear Jane has been with me for a great part of my life this past year.
I have completed all 52 blocks that I intended to do this year (one block per week). YEAH!!!

Here is the last block I made, D-11 "Snow Crystal"

Here they all are..
looks a mess doesn't it?
One day it hopefully will become a complete quilt..

I haven't cut them to size yet, so some blocks are larger and some are smaller.
Here they are all together

I tried to lay them all out to take a picture.
But it was too large to get it all in the frame so instead I took 3 pictures and merged them using Photoshop.
They will be put together using sashings, but it gives you an idea of how they will look.

All in all it has been a great Quilt year, been to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham for the first time, that was a fantastic experience.
Been to the quilt retreat (Midweek) from the Dutch Quiltersguild (Quiltersgilde) which is always a great way to spent some quality time with fellow quilters.

I've made most of my goals that I set for myself for this year.

Finished the BOM quilt "Happy Hearts"

 I finished my quilt for the OEQC which unexpectedly won first prize for the theme "Berlin"

Started on the "Love Entwined" BOM by Esther Aliu, but didn't get too far with it..will try and find some time to continue with this next year.

Who knows what next year will bring?

Hopefully I will find the time to continue my one Dear Jane block per week.
Probably will start a new project (not sure yet what), and also will start on my entry for the OEQC theme for 2014 is "Old Masters".

Next post I will set out my goals for next year

For now I hope 2014 will bring you all good luck, good health and lots of quilt inspiration!
Be safe and have a great new year's eve !!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Not a very good start to the holiday..

Yesterday I was just about to sit down and post an update on my blog when....
the police rang on our doorbell to tell us that the window of our car had been smashed in.  When we went down to the car this is what we found..

The glass was everywhere and ..YES.. that is a brick on the passenger seat!
Luckily nothing was stolen, everything was still there...just pure pointless vandalism...and a lot of work, headache and money for us to get it fixed!

Anyway, what I was intending to blog about was this..

I said I'd try and do some hand quilting....I know ;-)

But I couldn't get it right and finally after several attempts I decided to just machine quilt it.

I think the swirls with the snowflakes capture the flurry of snowfall quite well, don't you think?

Here is a little close up, the blanket stitches around the applique were done by hand, but the swirls around were free motion quilted with the BSR foot on my Bernina (you can just see a glimpse of the foot in the corner of the previous picture.

Well, the next couple of days I'll probably won't have much time to do any quilting with all the shopping, cooking (and eating) for the Christmas days to come.
I might just have some time to finish some knitting that I've started though. And next Friday we are off to the cinema to see the Hobbit part 2, can't wait..really looking forward to seeing that!

So for now I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, wherever you are I hope you will spent it in good health and surrounded by your loved ones.
(Found this picture on the web, think it captures the holiday spirit just perfectly, don't you think?)

Till next time!

Monday, 16 December 2013

What a nice surprise..!

Just saw here that my blog is chosen for the "Blog van de week"  (Blog of the week) on the Quiltersgilde Blog
I didn't see it at first, I thought that block looks familiar! I have one just like it...Hang on a minute..it is mine!...DUH!! Hhahaha...:)))

Yesterday I posted that I might make a Christmas quilt, today I found this old UFO in the box on top of the cupboard..
It's not exactly a Cristmas quilt...but it is certainly a winter quilt!
It is a pattern from an old Quiltmania, I've slightly adjusted the little boys and girls, because I thought they didn't look quite right.
It is now sandwiched, basted and ready to quilt.
It has been a while since I have done some hand quilting but I'm going to attempt it tonight..
When it has been quilted I will need to put some details in the pictures, it is missing some skis and some general lines to stop them from floating in the air.

Will keep you posted!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

just a quick update..

I finally finished block C-5 today!

Apart from that I haven't done much quilting this week.
I spent some time looking through my collection of magazines the last couple of days.
Yes, I'm looking for something new to start!  Something I can do on the machine, something quicker to make and finish perhaps?
I enjoy doing my Jane blocks but they are very fiddly and sometimes I just need something a little easier to do, which I'm sure you know what I mean!!

About ten days till Christmas and the decorations are up, just some colourful lights as there is no room for a tree here..

Should really have a Christmas quilt to hang up...will put that on the to-do list for next year as well I think!
Well, I'm going to make myself a cup of tea, and look through some more magazines..

See you next time!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

2 down..2 to go!

This week has flown by again, most literally on thursday when we had a major storm combined with high tide and all the flood barriers went down.
On some parts of the coast line the sand has been swallowed up by the sea, but luckily there was no major flooding. Also down the road from where I live , the "Algerabrug" which is the first of the famous Deltaworks was lit up in red as a warning to the ships to say the barriers are down.

Didn't do as much on my DJ as I had hoped, but I still got 2 more blocks done.
Both are mostly foundation pieced.

Block D-9 "Uncle Richard"

Had done this block already, but had forgotten the strips around the outside, so done those today.

Block D-10 "Battlefield"

Tricky those little triangles in the corners....

Three more weeks to the end of this year and only two more blocks to finish, most of the work is done but need to finish them with some applique...I should be able to manage that shouldn't I ??

Have taken up some knitting this week too, nothing special just a straight forward simple scarf and the newest issue of "Quiltnieuws" was in, so enjoyed reading that too.

Oh!.. and talking of reading, I nearly finished this book, only one chapter left..

This is the second book in the All Souls trilogy, book three will be out sometime in July next year, can't wait to find out what happens next!

Next wednesday is our last normal Bee evening and the wednesday the following week we are going to the local Chinese for a feast!  So lots to look forward to!
In the mean time I'm getting back to my knitting..

See you next time!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Quilt Bee and back with Dear Jane again..

It has been a while since my last post, but I simply haven't had much to post about.
Last wednesday we had our bi-weekly quilt Bee evening.
I should really post about the Bee evenings more often too I know..

I never take pictures and everytime I say to myself 
I should have taken my camera..but this time I did.

Riet made a lovely scrappy quilt..


On the left is Alie showing the Christmas stocking  she made and on the right is Joke, she was proudly showing her finished BOM Happy Hearts..

..and while we had some tea there was crocheting going on as well as patchwork..

I have enjoyed taken up my Dear Jane project again, I finished some blocks during the last week or so, here they are  
(sorry about the poor quality in some, background is actually the same fabric in all of the blocks)
C-7  "Megan's Mountain Laurel" 
D-2  "Mouse in a Mirror"
D-3  "Jason's Jacks"
D-4  "Crystal Star"
D-5  "Cathedral Window"
D-8  "Dee Dee's Delight"
D-12  "Crossed Swords"

I also done block D-9 but somehow forgot to take a picture of it?
Any way this brings my total number of blocks now to 49..
Just 3 blocks to go (that is block D-10 and D-11 and still need to finish block C-5) 
and then...
my goal for this year which was 1 block per week will be reached...YEAH!!!

Can't believe it is already the 1st of December today, will have to start thinking about some New Years resolutions for 2014..
See how this week goes..if not too busy I might be able to do those 3 blocks and maybe, just maybe do a few more to have a good start next year!

[Note to myself..make it a goal for next year to blog more often..;-)) ]

Till next time!