Sunday, 11 August 2013

Festival of quilts - Day 3

Another day in quilters heaven..
Today we had a lovely workshop with Wendy Cotterill. 

She showed us a technique using transfer paints onto already printed images and/or text. These will need to be laser printed, and the image or text will thus act as a resist to the transfer paint.
She also showed us how to print images onto fabric with a household (inkjet) printer.
The images/text with transfer paint were then transferred onto a polyester type fabric (we used lutrador I believe) and when you place that on top of the other printed images you get a kinda see-through layered effect.

Will definitely try this one time on a future project!
Tomorrow will be our last day, we will go check out all the lovely quilts that are on display and take lots of pictures!
For now, goodnight from Birmingham!

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  1. Dat lijkt me interessant vooral als het door de printer kan maar is het ook om te quilten?
    Ik zie Joke ok op de foto, zeg maar dat haar haar leuk zit. "))
    Groetjes van Riet