Sunday, 19 January 2014

First two "Janes" for 2014

Been back at work for 2 weeks now which I must admit did take some getting used two after spending the last year at home on a kinda sabbatical... 
so haven't really had a lot of time to do any quilting.
Have finished these two blocks for my Dear Jane, which I actually started between the Christmas and New Year period...but just didn't get around to posting them on the blog yet.

E-3, "Paddle Wheels"
This one I pieced traditionally...

... and E-4, " Buffalo Tree Hopper.
The larger sections were traditionally pieced and the smaller pieces of the corners were foundation pieced.
Love this blue fabric!

Working on block E-5 which is nearly done, still need to applique the middle circle.  Also done the foundation piecing on the middle part of block E-6.

In between work I have been working on my "Old Masters" quilt design for the OEQC competition this year.
Took the final design to the printers to get it enlarged on Friday and will pick it up tomorrow on the way to work. So fingers crossed it will come out OK.
From this pattern I will transfer the design on to the fabric. Before that I will need to make a couple of tests though..will keep you posted!

See you next time!

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  1. deze twee zien er ook weer goed uit Esther. Dat blauw is inderdaad prachtig.
    Kan me voorstellen dat je weer even moet wennen aan het ritme van het naar het werk gaan. Wat gaat er een werk zitten aan zo'n ontwerp voor de masters quilt. Ben benieuwd hoe dat allemaal gaat bij de printer en zo..Ik hoor het nog wel.
    Liefs van Riet