Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hi there!
Holidays are over for most of us and things are getting back to their usual routine.
Lots to do and a busy ( but fun!) week ahead...
First a quick update, these are the Jane blocks I've done over the last couple of weeks:

C-13, "Lakota Sioux" mostly foundation
D-1, "Alison's Guiding Light",
also foundation pieced
These blocks I made while we were in Birmingham, thought I'd bring a couple of easy blocks so I'd have something to do in the evening ;-))

D-7, "Meeting Place"
D-6, "Challenge"
D-13, "Field of Dreams"

Have started on blocks D-2 and D-9 already and as I mentioned in a previous post still need to do the applique pieces on blocks C-5, C-7 and D-4. The Floriani Stabilizer has been ordered and will hopefully arrive some time this week. And with that I can also continue working on my "Love Entwined".

Yesterday I received confirmation in the post that my entry for the OEQC has been accepted. Most of the quilting has been done, will try to get that finished this week and then I can put the binding on. Then all I have to do is add some hand stitching for finishing touches and make a label and hanging sleeve.
This week wednesday is our first Bee evening and next weekend is the annual quilt exhibition of the Dutch Quilters Guild (Quiltersgilde), so lots and lots to look forward to!

For now, have a nice evening and see you next time!

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  1. Hoi Esther. Je gaat lekker met Jane. Leuke blokken.Is dat een andere quilt die geaccepteerd is door de OEQC? Ik weet niet precies wat dat is maar dat hoor ik graag Woensdagavond.
    Ik beschouw de blokjes die ik gemaakt heb voor de LE als oefenstof. Ben opnieuw begonnen met andere stofjes en ik ben blij dat ik nou toch al wat meer ervaring heb.
    Groetjes van Riet en tot Woensdag