Friday, 6 September 2013

An (almost) finish..

Today I've been working on the binding of my "Berlin" quilt.
I really enjoy doing that, love watching those raw edges disappear.

Does that mean it is finished??, it's not quite finished yet..but nearly!
Still have an applique piece to add and maybe I'll put in some hand stitches..not sure about those just yet?
And lastly I will put on the hanging sleeve and a label. Got a great idea in my head for a label, but need to look into that, will show you if it works out!

Today the stabilizer arrived in the post, so I can continue with the Love Entwined.
However, not sure if I'll have the time this weekend.. Tomorrow will probably be a shopping day and on sunday we'll be going to the Quilt show in Alkmaar.

But next post will show you some more of my progress on the Love Entwined and of course some pics of the show!
See you Sunday maybe and if not, 'till next time!

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  1. Hij wordt prachtig Esther. Wij gaan Dinsdag naar Alkmaar. Groeten van Riet