Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Somebody has been telling porkies!
Me that is, in one of my previous posts I may have mentioned that I only have one more block to do in order to finish row B of my DJ.
Well that wasn't quite true, when I sat down to do that last block to my own surprise I realized that it was actually 2 blocks, here they are:

Block B-5, "Hot Cross Buns"

When I look at Jane's version they look pieced but I reverse appliqued the diamonds first to the blue squares before traditionally piecing the rest together.

Block B-7, "World Series"

Melons appliqued to the background, then reverse appliqued a circle on top of that. Then appliqued the tiny diamonds as last, pffff..what a task that was! Can you see which one I done first?

That makes 26 blocks done!
So now on to Row C..

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of quilts I stumbled on by accident, they are very colorful..

These quilts are made by Fraser Smith, and they are not what they seem..
They are actually carved out of wood! Isn't that amazing?
You can find more pictures here.

"till next time!

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