Thursday, 10 January 2013

Keeping a promise..

I set myself some goals for this year, and seeing as I have the time right now I have been busy trying to keep to my own promises..
After all..if you can't even keep a promise to yourself..

The goal was to make at least 1 Dear Jane block per week..but it turns out they are quite addictive to make.. Made 3 Dear Jane blocks so far, must say they are turning out very yummy!!


A recap on the Happy Hearts BOM project:

Block 1-5 : Done
Block 6-8 : Working on it..about 70% done
Block 9    : Done
Block 10  : Working on it..about 50% done
Block 11  : Nothing done on this one just yet
Block 12  : Working on it..about 50% done

So..all in all, with a little hard work could have all blocks for the BOM done by the end of January.


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