Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A quick Dear Jane update

I'm on a roll..made 2 more Dear Jane blocks.
Total blocks is now 8, which averages to 2 blocks per week..


This one is called "One-Two Buckle my shoe" and it is foundation pieced.

There are 40 pieces in this tiny block!
..and the bulk of seams at the back makes it very tricky.

I'm making these blocks by hand and I must say after this block my left wrist was a little sore..


This one is called "Hunters Moon", and has normal applique as well as reverse applique.

Relatively easy block, but still takes some time to get it all lined up correctly..

Note to myself, must remember to make the outside seams slightly bigger on all of the blocks, better to crop them afterwards than having a block that is too small!!

See you next time!

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