Monday, 14 October 2013

It's been a while since I last posted, but I haven't done any quilty things and therefore not much to show you.
Yesterday was a horrible, wet and windy autumn day.

Nice day for sitting next to the fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate ...unfortunately I don't have either of those so I settled for a cup of tea instead... ;-))
Going out wasn't exactly an option so while the wind and rain were creating havoc outside, I decided to do some work on my LE.

The crown is finished, and now started working on the little flowers.
The triangles that form the crown were done with the Floriani stabilizer and I also used starch to iron the pieces into shape before applique-ing.
Found this fabric which I thought would be nice for the little flowers around the crown.
Here is one finished (took me most of the afternoon!!)
These were done using needle turn applique, not as smooth as I would have liked it though...
They are so small. I put a coin next to it so you can see the scale.
(just realized that people outside the EU will not now this coin, sorry for that, should have used a ruler instead..)

Part 5 will be coming out soon, and I'm still working on part 2.
Still have got a long way to go yet..
But it is not the only project I'm working on, so steadily doing bits at a time and I might catch up one day (I hope)..

In a previous post I told you about an idea I had for a label for my "Berlin" quilt.
Well this is it:

It decided not to use it as a label but more as an extra embellishment for the top.
It's a so called "dog-tag", like the ones they use in the army for ID purpose.
But instead I put the title and a short text on it. Seeing as I have a picture on the quilt of a soldier I thought this would go well together.

Looking very much forward to the show next weekend, can't wait to see what other people have made for this year's theme. And all the other quilts too of course!

'till next time!

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  1. Hoi Esther.
    Wat een schattig stofje voor je bloemetjes maar wat een petiterige werkjes allemaal hè.
    Wat een goed idee die dog tags, kan je die zo laten maken?
    Ja wat wat het een slecht weertje gisteren hè. Wij hadden visite van onze zoons dus de dag vloog wel om.
    Zie je Dinsdag!
    Groetjes Riet