Sunday, 7 July 2013

Time flies..time for a Jane update

Time seems to go faster and faster..before you know it another week has gone and then another month..
My last post was a month ago..can't believe it!
Time has gone very fast the last few weeks but luckily I did have time do a few baby Janes..

Block C-3  "Rayelle's Fence" 
this one is foundation pieced.

Block C-4 "Tic Tac Toe" 
mostly foundation pieced 

Block C-1 "Trooper Green's Badge"
foundation pieced
nice to have an easy block now and then.. ;)

Block C-8 "Hani's Crown"

middle section with the white pieces is foundation pieced and outside corners are traditionally pieced.

Block C-12 "Family Reunion" 
decided to traditionally piece this block, but those pieces are soooo tiny! Took me quite a while to put together..

Oh, well.. as they say
"No Jane.."  ;)LOL

Noticed there's some threads on some of the pictures, sorry about that, however it does give you a sense of scale so you get an idea of the size of the blocks.
This puts me on a total of 31 blocks and seeing as we are in week 28 that means I'm still on schedule.
That's all I have for Jane, next time I'll show you what else I've been busy with..

"Till next time!

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