Sunday, 28 April 2013

Still working on my red and blue Janes...

This is what I'm working on right now... 

it is block B-6, "Wild Goose Chase"
For the most part it is foundation pieced.

I did finish up some blocks as well:

Block B-8, "Water Lily".
I really liked this block, it is traditionally pieced
and the melons are appliqued as last.

Block B-9, "Tinker Toy".
This block can be made using different techniques.
Reverse aplique, English piecing but I decided to traditionally piece 
this one as the pieces were big enough. The HST corners were set in last.

B-10, Jud's Trophy".
Middle section is foundation pieced, and the surrounding 
borders are traditionally pieced
A little wonky but it will do! 

With these 3 blocks my total is now 21 blocks. (only 148 squares to go...LOL)
But.. seeing as we've had 17 weeks this year so far that puts me on average slightly above my goal of 1 block per week, so I can't complain really!!
I'm going to try hard to finish row B by this time next week, so fingers crossed nothing comes up..

'Till next time,


  1. Dank voor je bemoedigende woorden, mooi hoor je DJ blokken in het frisse rood-wit!
    Ik moet zeggen dat Jane nog geen vriendin geworden is, maar de meeste vriendschappen komen langzaam op gang toch:)?


  2. Phoehee, wat ben ik blij dat ik je nu al tegengekomen ben ( nu ik er nog maar 16 af heb) en je me de blog That Quilt door gegeven hebt, dat kan ik zeker gebruiken! Vriendelijk dank daarvoor!!